Chris Miller - @CryptoChrisW

Chris started mining in 2011 and is an avid GPU miner. Currently he is mining a plethora of shitcoins.

Chris is a prominent figure in the Crypto Mining space. He started off building custom gaming PCs in 2003, and ventured into GPU mining in 2011, when he started mining bitcoins on a 2-card gaming computer when he wasn't playing.  By 2012 he had transitioned into building complete rigs designed specifically for mining cryptocurrency.  Through time and task, Chris is recognized as a powerful source of mining information and one of the most experienced miners of cryptocurrency in the world.

Connor McClanahan - @WhaleBearMan

Connor has been mining since 2014. He’s currently focused on FPGA mining.

Connor is a co-founder of Bitcoin Masons and has been mining cryptocurrency and outfitting mining farms of various sizes since 2014.  Connor has a passion for the space and is always looking for ways to get more involved and increase mass adoption.  He is co-founder of a private mining/ hedge fund called AlphaBlockCap.  He is also co-founder of the stratup OM.CASH, a money remittance application.  Connor feels strongly that FPGA's are the future of crypto mining and focuses much of his time on these builds.

Whit Gibbs - @BitcoinBroski

Whit is a home miner and exclusively uses GPUs.  Currently he is mining $RVN.

Whit has dedicated his career to helping medium-to-large businesses streamline operations, enhance marketing, improve business development, and maximize profitability.  He has consulted for Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, and Crystal cruise lines on new building and refit projects in Germany, Italy, France, and the Bahamas.  In 2016, he facilitated the external rebrand and internal culture shift of, effectively establishing them as the World’s largest online puppy placement company, with annual revenues exceeding $50m.  Whit has also established a very successful business with his wife, mentoring young adults and couples in asset development and proper management of finances.  Together they travel the country throughout the year speaking at various leadership events.